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An International Experience at Sterling College - Sterling College
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An International Experience at Sterling College

An International Experience at Sterling College

Get outside your comfort zone: the many benefits of studying or working abroad


There really is no better time to seek out adventure and exposure to diverse cultures than during your college years. Immersing yourself in another culture can help you to build a greater appreciation and understanding of different traditions and ways of life. At Sterling College, we accept students from countries all over the world who share the common goal of growing their knowledge and starting a new career. An international education is about much more than just going to class.

Immersive learning. The best way to get to know the people and culture of a foreign country is by immersing yourself in a program or work placement there. You will have the chance to explore the city with the new people you meet, and get an inside look at how the locals live. If English is your second language and you want to improve your skills, there really is no better way than to speak, read and write it every day, surrounded by people who are fluent. Check out our international student entry requirements here.

Impress future employers. Sterling College offers co-op programs that provide paid work experience here in Canada. Having work experience in a foreign country will show future employers that you are confident, independent, and culturally aware. You may become the key your new employer needs for expanding its global reach.

New friends, new hobbies. Don’t forget one big reason to study and work abroad: it’s fun! Meet people you would never have otherwise had the chance to meet, and develop new hobbies that you may never have been introduced to in your hometown. Coming from a country that is warm year-round? Try out skiing in Whistler! Never lived near the ocean before? Try stand up paddle boarding in Deep Cove! New experiences enrich our lives and become great memories.

An international study or career experience will open up opportunities and change your life. Interested in coming to study here in Vancouver? Contact one of our advisors to find out more!