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Why now is actually the perfect time to go to school - Sterling College
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Why now is actually the perfect time to go to school

Student learning from home

Why now is actually the perfect time to go to school

As the pandemic continues, many of us have put our plans on hold. Some plans, such as international travel, will have to wait, but others, such as beginning or continuing your education, are still feasible options. Feeling discouraged and uncertain these days is not uncommon, but we can still find a sense of normalcy by staying connected with others and focusing our energy into something productive. Attending college may or may not be on your to do list this fall, but hear us out; there are actually a lot of reasons why it’s actually the perfect time! Read on to learn why.

Less distractions

With vacations cancelled and social calendars clearer than usual, most of us have never had more time to spare. Why not use that time to learn new skills or grow your current skills to help you advance your career? Though the future of course delivery is uncertain (online, in-class, or a combination of both), there will undoubtedly continue to be a way to attend school. Working towards a goal and reaching it will also give you that mood-boosting feeling of accomplishment!

Beneficial for your mental health

This year we have been seeing less of our friends and family, and have had many plans cancelled or delayed. Everyone’s mental health has been affected to some degree. Joining a class is a great way to stay connected to other people who are focused on the same goal. Connection has never been more important. Even if your class is online, speaking with others and seeing their faces will still give you that sense of connection that is so vital for mental health.

The timing is right

A recession is not an ideal time to start your career. That’s why starting your post-secondary education now makes a lot of sense. Positions currently available may offer a lower wage that could take you years to move up from. Attending college now gives you a better return on investment in the long term.

Grow now for a better future

Eventually, COVID-19 cases will decline and companies will be able to return to some sense of normalcy. Beginning your education now means you are building skills that will increase your employability when businesses are in full swing again. Now is the time to grow and progress towards building a better future.