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Sterling College Blog | Why the Nursing Profession is Awesome
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Top 5 Reasons Why Being a Nurse is Awesome

Nursing Profession - Happy nurse at work

Top 5 Reasons Why Being a Nurse is Awesome

The nursing profession can be tough. It brings with it both physical and emotional challenges each day. But being a nurse is also very rewarding and can come with many advantages that make it an extremely satisfying life-long career choice.

Sense of Fulfillment

There is no doubt that this line of work brings with it a deep sense of fulfillment. From having the opportunity to witness babies taking their first breaths, to the relationships nurses often build with their patients and everything in between, being a nurse is an important and valued position. Nurses have the ability to affect people’s lives in a way that their patients never forget.

Always More to Learn

As a nurse, there are many options available when it comes to advancing your career. With the appropriate training, you can specialize in many different areas such as emergency, critical care, geriatric, cardiac, psychiatric; the list goes on. You then have the choice to switch focus when you are ready to try something new, or you may find something that you love and continue to stick with.

Location, Location, Location

Not only are there endless specializations, there are also a variety of environments that nurses can work in. These include hospitals, physician offices, psychiatric facilities, or even in home care. They can work in public health, community health, as a consultant, or even as an educator. Follow your passion!

Ongoing Demand

We will always need nurses. In fact, registered nurses are one of the most in-demand jobs in BC. According to government statistics, there will be almost 25,000 job openings for registered nurses and psychiatric nurses over the next ten years.

Skills and Experience

What you learn as a nurse will forever be useful to you in everyday life. Nurses tend to be more calm in cases of illness or emergency in their every day life, as they are more capable of assessing the seriousness of a situation and how to deal with it. A career as a nurse can even improve your outlook on life. If you’ve spent a day of dealing with a life or death situation, or experienced new life coming into the world, that traffic jam might not seem so significant anymore!