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Sterling College Business Program Pathway with Yorkville University
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Sterling College Partnership with Yorkville University

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Sterling College Partnership with Yorkville University

Sterling College offers both a Diploma in Business Administration as well as Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, but did you know that you can take your business education even further? The new pathway agreement between Sterling College and Yorkville University allows graduates of Sterling College’s Diploma in Business Administration program to enter directly into Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program and receive advanced credit.*

“This agreement gives prospective students who may not meet Yorkville’s entrance requirements a viable pathway to a Yorkville degree thanks to Sterling College’s diploma program,” said Tristan Wright, Director of Admissions at Yorkville University. The pathway agreement gives students the opportunity to earn a degree through first building their knowledge and skills at the diploma level first.

Sterling and Yorkville Pathway chart

*This pathway may be subject to change under certain circumstances. Effective August 2019.

About Yorkville University

Yorkville University is a Canadian national university with operations in New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia. Yorkville University offers leading professional degree programs that are accessible and accommodate the varied needs and learning styles of its students. Yorkville’s programs offer learners the flexibility needed to complete a degree while balancing other commitments by providing a supportive, highly collaborative and interactive learning community. Degree programs at Yorkville academically rigorous and highly regarded in professional practice.

Sterling College is currently taking applications for the January 2020 intake. Request more information via our website today to get in touch with one of our advisors who can provide more information on the program and guide you through the application process!