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Pathways with Yorkville University - Sterling College
Sterling College welcomes students from all over the world! Our international advisors can help you with any questions relating to admissions, English requirements, program details, or moving to Canada.
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Pathways with Yorkville University

Diploma in Business Administration to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Sterling College has established partnerships with Yorkville University that will allow you to transfer into a Bachelors program when you graduate.

Graduates of Sterling College’s Business Administration diploma program will have the opportunity to enter directly into Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program and receive advanced credit.

Qualified Sterling College graduates can receive up to 51 of the required 120 credits toward a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Yorkville University.

Associate Director of Admissions

Jasna Sulentic
Phone: +1 604 638 7040 ext. 116

Associate Director of Admissions

Rosa Santamaria
Phone: +1 604 582 1122

Region Director (Vietnam)

Helen Hoang
Phone: +1 778 755 7599

Region Director (South East Asia)

Aditya Bhati
Mobile: +91 987 8462 330
Phone: +91 172 417 2330