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How to Keep your New Year's Resolutions - Sterling College
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How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy new year! It’s the first month of 2018, and most of us have still got that beginning-of-the-year feeling. The future is full of possibility! At this point, you or someone you know has likely made a resolution that involves self-improvement, such as “eat healthier”, “read more books” or “get more exercise”. While these are all great objectives, it can prove difficult to stick to our resolutions throughout the year. So how do we make it stick? A couple common tips are to break down big goals into several smaller, manageable goals, and to surround yourself with people who share the same mindset as you. If your goals include “start a new job”, “make more friends” or “pursue your interests”, going to school could be a great way for you to achieve all of these things at once!

Support System. Very few people would spend the money, time and effort on going to college for something they feel indifferent about. In class, you are surrounded by people who are interested in the same subjects as you are and share that desire to improve their knowledge and develop it into a career. These are people that you can discuss your goals with and receive support from when you’re feeling stuck. Surrounding yourself with people who are going through the same thing as you with a common end goal is one of the best ways to stay focused.

Habit. Having scheduled classes and deadlines for assignments help to keep you on track.  Have you ever found that you are much more likely to show up to something you have signed up for and committed to already, than if it’s something you can just do randomly whenever you feel like it? Getting into the habit of showing up to the same places and completing tasks at the same time each day make it easier to reach your goals.

Balance. Sure, increasing your knowledge and starting a new career are admirable things to work on. But life can’t be all work and no play. Having time for yourself is important, whether it be to watch your favourite TV show, spend time with a friend, or go for a walk. Look after yourself, and don’t forget to find enjoyment in achieving your resolutions. You’ll feel great once you get there!