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NCLEX Preparation Courses | Sterling College Vancouver
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NCLEX Preparation at Sterling College

NCLEX preparation

NCLEX Preparation at Sterling College

Becoming a Registered Nurse in Canada

For an internationally educated nurse (IEN), the process of becoming a registered nurse (RN) in Canada can seem overwhelming. At Sterling College, we help make the process easier by guiding students every step of the way, giving them the tools needed to become an RN in Canada.

What is the NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a national nursing exam that applicants for nurse registration in British Columbia must pass to become a registered nurse. The exam covers topics on the health needs of clients as well as the fundamental processes of nursing practice. A maximum of 6 hours is allowed to complete the exam, and is graded as either a pass or a fail. Tuition and fees paid to Sterling College include the cost of this exam. This takes some of the worry out of planning examinations on the road to becoming an RN in Canada.

NCLEX preparation

How does Sterling College help you prepare?

The Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice program guides internationally trained nurses through the Canadian nursing certification process, leading to employment anywhere in Canada. Offering courses in professional communication and practice, as well as preparatory courses with mock testing, our instructors are there to guide IENs through the process one-on-one, using a hands-on approach. Throughout the program, students focus on test-taking skills and will become more comfortable with the examination procedure, helping to alleviate stress and grow confidence. These are important factors in successfully passing the NCLEX.

Join us!

Our instructors are industry professionals who have gone through the certification process themselves, and are passionate about helping assist IENs from English certification to final exam success. We offer our students more than just exam preparation skills, we provide the knowledge and training required to meet the standards of Canadian health care. We also offer the Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice with Co-op, with guaranteed job placements in Canada. For more details on the program, you may view our program handout here.

Interested in joining the Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice at Sterling College? Visit our program page and request more information today!