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Meet Sterling College's Business Instructor, Sophie Kaur - Sterling College
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Meet Sterling College’s Business Instructor, Sophie Kaur

Meet Sterling College’s Business Instructor, Sophie Kaur

With over 8 years of experience in education, we are pleased to have Sophie Kaur as business program instructor at Sterling College. She began her educational career as a business management lecturer in the U.K. and holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Masters in Business Management from the University of Salford. After completing her Masters, Sophie realized that teaching business was her true calling and completed her teaching certificates. Sophie believes in lifelong learning and leading by example in the classrooms. It is her goal to encourage her students to look beyond the four walls of the classroom and view the world around them as a place of learning and discovery. The following is an interview with Sophie in which you can get to know more about her and the program she teaches at Sterling College.

Tell us a bit about your experience in the industry

I have worked as a director for Advise Management Consultancy providing business consultancy and strategy advice to our clients. Apart from that, the majority of my experience lies in the teaching and research fields. I have taught in UK, China and now in Canada. My research expertise lies in women in leadership roles.

What are the major topics covered within the program you teach?

Our program diploma in Business Administration is a holistic program which gets students ready for the industry as well as for higher education if they choose to pursue that. The major topics covered range from business communication, business fundamentals, Marketing, HRM, operations, Law, and Finance. In addition, students get a chance to work on their transferable skills. The program focuses on a lifelong learning approach.

What are some advantages of teaching courses online?

Teaching online provides flexibility in terms of location, time, and information sharing. In addition, students are getting digital literacy. On a lighter note, student’s punctuality has actually improved! They turn on their laptops before time for the class.

What is your outlook on the future of the industry?

In terms of outlook for Business industry, there is no doubt we are facing unprecedented time. But I feel that these times have generated more opportunities. Technological change is creating historic shifts in industry footprints. Over the next few years, more and more businesses will explore going virtual and it has created room for many new industries as well.

What are some career opportunities for students after graduation?

Upon successful completion of the Business Administration Diploma program, graduates will have a variety of career path opportunities. Graduates will be positioned to enter careers as: • Office Administrator • Executive Assistant • Customer Service Consultant • Project Administrator • Office Manager • Administrative Assistant • Marketing Assistant • Office Coordinator • Administrative Clerk • Accounting/Bookkeeping Assistant

What are some of your graduates doing now?

We will have our first set of graduates in Jan 2022, but some of my students already had experience in this field and are exploring and landing some fantastic opportunities. For instance, one of my learners has gotten the position of marketing intern at the International Federation of Mountaineering and another one is exploring the market of Filipino homemade food and developing strategies to launch his business once he finishes this course. Some are handling business back home while studying here in Canada.