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Meet Our Nursing Instructor Jackie Godia | Nursing College Blog
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Meet Jackie Godia, head nursing instructor

Blog - Jackie Godia at grand opening

Meet Jackie Godia, head nursing instructor

What makes the Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice at Sterling College special? You’ll be taught by someone who knows exactly what the process is like to get certified in Canada – because she’s done it herself.

Meet Jackie: with over 12 years of professional teaching experience around the world, including the Middle East, the Philippines, and Canada, Jackie is known for her balance of stringency and kindness, which leads to extremely high success rates for her nursing students. She knows firsthand how challenging it can be for an Internationally Educated Nurse, even with plenty of experience, to become a Registered Nurse in Canada. Through focusing first on English language skills and vocabulary, followed by skills assessment to prepare students for the national examinations, Jackie helps lead her students to success.

Jackie is not only a Registered Nurse in Canada with a current practicing license and lots of ICU experience. She is also TESOL and IDP certified, and a certified First Aid instructor. Jackie takes a hands-on approach with each of our internationally educated nurses to expertly prepare them for their assessments and examinations to become recognized as a Registered Nurse (RN) in Canada. By the time students are done with their program, they’re working in Canada, have work experience, have made income, have a certificate, and are on their way to becoming a Canadian landed immigrant.  And for Jackie, her students’ success is her success!

Watch the full interview with Jackie: