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Sterling College Blog | Exciting Jobs in Technology 2021
Communication technology affects how we live our lives every day. If you've ever considered working in the tech industry, check out this blog for job possibilities that will get you excited about a new career in a growing industry.
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Jobs in Communication Technology 2021

Communication technology worker on their computer at sunset

Jobs in Communication Technology 2021

Communication technology affects how we live our lives every day. It has kept us connected during the pandemic, and allowed us to work from home, study from home, and purchase goods and services online. The last year has been challenging for everyone. Many people have lost their jobs as companies struggle to keep their heads above water. But tech is a resilient industry that continues to grow and support us more than ever. It’s pretty clear that training for a job in tech is a smart investment in your future. If you’ve ever considered entering the industry but are unsure of what you might do, read on for just a few examples of the in-demand tech jobs of today.

Software Developer

Software Development is one of the most in-demand areas of IT. The growth in this field is driven by the demand for apps and programs that make our lives easier. Whether it’s building a game application, designing a software solution or writing programs, software developers are the people behind the technology that we can’t live without. While you do need to develop technical skills in programming and coding, this career path is best suited to people who tend to be on the analytical side and enjoy solving problems. The Sterling College Software Development Diploma Program covers topics such as programming principles, business analysis, game development, and mobile development. It allows you to develop a strong base of skills while receiving the support necessary to succeed and grow in the industry. The median wage for a Software Developer in Canada is $37.95/hour.*

Laptop on desk with code showing on the screen.

Computer Programmer 

Computer Programmers use the language of computers (such as writing in C++ and Python) to create programs. The programmer often starts their work where a software developer has left off, refining programs by conducting tests, solving issues and performing maintenance. As with most jobs in tech, this position requires you to have a strong attention to detail. Another great quality to have is patience, as coding for a project can take months or even years to complete. The median wage for a Computer Programmer in Canada is $37.95/hour.*

Network Administrator

As companies adjust to using new forms of communication technology to do business, the demand for network administrators grows. People in this role handle daily tech operations, install networks, and work in computer systems design. Network Administrators need to learn the ins and outs of many different operating systems, manage wireless networking, perform hardware installation and develop a broad knowledge of virtualization and cloud computing. (To name just a few things!). To excel in this position, you should have excellent attention to detail and of course, a passion for technology. Sterling College offers a Network Administration Diploma Program that helps you build IT skills that will enable you to find employment in a variety of industries. The program covers topics such as IT systems and management, programming principles, wireless networking and network security—everything you need to get started in tech or grow in your current position! The median wage for a Network Administrator in Canada is $31.25/hour.*

Web Developer 

You can choose many different specializations in web development, depending on your particular interests and skillset. For example, you could choose to be a designer, a webmaster or a web architect. Some positions are more technical and focus on the backend while some are more creative and focus on the look and feel of a site. You may even find yourself doing a bit of both. If you love to create, design and plan, this would be a great role for you. The median wage for a Web Developer in Canada is $29.59/hour.*

Communication technology is a growing industry that affects how billions of people live their lives every day. There are far more opportunities available than we could ever mention in one blog, which means that if you have a passion for technology, then there is a place for in the industry. With the right training and enough hard work, you can undoubtedly find success in a technology career. Take the first step by requesting more information on your program of choice by clicking here. One of our advisors will be happy to give you more details on courses, financial options, and the application process. Get started now!

*All stats listed come from the Government of Canada Job Bank site.