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Meet our President at Sterling College - Sterling College
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Meet our President at Sterling College

Sterling College Vancouver reception

Meet our President at Sterling College

president of Sterling College - Milan Petrovich

Tell us about your role at Sterling College

As president of Sterling College, I am responsible for all aspects of the college. For me, the key is making sure we have excellent people and resources to ensure our students get the best possible educational experience. At Sterling College, we are totally committed to our students’ success. That commitment starts with me and extends through every member of our staff.

Tell us a bit about Sterling College. What makes Sterling unique?

If you get an opportunity to visit the college—and I recommend that you do—you’ll notice something very special about us. Not only will you find that the campus provides a comfortable learning environment, but there’s something more: everyone here shares a spirit of warmth and friendliness, a genuine sense of caring and mutual respect between students, staff and instructors alike. This carries over to all aspects of the school, which are designed to be student-centric.  For example, the program schedule is delivered over two and a half days, which gives you the maximum time during the week to be able to work at a job – something that is extremely important here in Vancouver where living costs are so high.

Tell us more about the Business Administration program.

Our Diploma in Business Administration is new to Sterling College, but it has a long pedigree within Asia Pacific Education. The program is based on qualifications that were originally written for our schools in New Zealand, which have the highest level of scrutiny and vetting for undergraduate programs. Further, the program follows the recommendations of the National Business Education Association in terms of knowledge and competencies.

The Diploma in Business Administration gives students the knowledge and real-world experience they need to get that first job after graduation. The program is built on a solid core of leadership, marketing, operations, and finance.  I think it is an outstanding foundation on which to build a career in business. With the one-year Co-op option, students will immediately apply what they’ve learned in the workforce and gain valuable experience to jumpstart their career.

The Diploma in Business Administration feeds directly into our postgraduate diploma programs. Students can further develop their career by specializing in Project Management, Procurement, and Retail Management. These specialized programs are designed to put graduates at the forefront of industry.

Tell us about the instructors at Sterling College

Next to our students, instructors are the most important people on campus. They are at the heart of what we do and make the College the special place that it is. All of our instructors come directly out of the industries that they teach. Who would you rather learn from, someone who is an expert in the field through study, or someone who is an expert because they have actually done the job? Our instructors are not only experienced professionals, they are also incredibly engaging teachers who know how to hold students’ interest and make subjects come alive. I am extremely proud to work with such an outstanding group of instructors as we have at Sterling.

If someone is interested in applying what is the first step they should take?

Visit our website at and click on the “Apply Online” button. The site will take you through the application process, step by step. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-731-9810 (Vancouver) or 1-800-668-9301 (Surrey).

When do programs start?

We have four class starts each year: September, January, April and July.

What can we expect from Sterling College in 2019 and 2020?

The future for Sterling is incredibly exciting as we continue to add new programs to our lineup. For early 2020, we expect add programs in Computer Science and IT. This is one of the hottest areas in the job market in Vancouver, as the city becomes the Silicon Valley of the north.

Anything else you would like to add?

I believe very strongly in the power of education to transform lives. I am incredibly blessed to lead a College dedicated to helping people realize their career dreams. Many times, people may feel that they are stuck in a rut or don’t feel they are in the right career or profession. For many, the answer is education and I hope they will consider visiting Sterling College to see how we can help.