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Sterling College Blog | Program Update | Nursing Anne Simulator
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Inside Look: PGCNP at Sterling College

Inside Look: PGCNP at Sterling College

Passion, Dedication and Heart

Res ipsa loquitor (the thing speaks for itself)! Sterling College is not only a name, but it is the flagship of this institution. It is committed in delivering sterling and quality education and training to International Educated Nurses who dream to practice as Registered Nurses here in BC, Canada.

The process of the professional reintegration is not easy as one, two, and three. However, the Post Graduate Nursing Certificate Program at Sterling College is a breaking light in the dimmed skies of the International Educated Nurses who like to practice as Registered Nurses here in Canada. It is made available not only to international students but most excitingly for domestic (Citizens and Permanent Residents) students too! The program is led by the top-notch (sterling) RN instructors who are driven by their passion and dedication in the service of the nursing profession and education.

The classroom instruction is delivered according to the mandate of the safety of the public and the nursing practice. However, amidst the structured expectations of the profession, there goes the heart. The instructors are compassionate and empathetic in the students’ challenges because they themselves undergone the same process! So learning does not solely spring from teaching, but mentoring. Students are not only taught of knowledge, but also of wisdom and experience.

What is it like to be a Nursing instructor at Sterling College?

It is a privilege to be a part of the academic arm of this program. Sterling College’s vision, mission and goals are aligned with the nursing professional values and ethics. The institution offers them a niche with suitable elements to grow both professionally and personally. The typical work week of an instructor does not vary much from the usual person with a job. But for Sterling Instructors, it is not only a job, but is a devotion. In challenges, they yield stronger yet stay humble in success. The students’ success is their success, thus, the delivery is student-centered instruction.

Sterling College Blog - Updates to Nursing Program

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To catalyze the intensity of learning and experience, Sterling College is ecstatic to welcome Annie Mannequin (medical simulation doll) to the classroom home! Annie Mannequin is a great medium for the provision of real life scenario simulations to forge further the students’ nursing process skills. Annie Mannequin offers a myriad of learning opportunities through a sim-pad control. In this manner, the instructors will be able to manipulate and simulate a compelling process of physiological changes in a patient’s condition. For instance, an erratic cardiac rate, a wave of blood pressure dynamics and other vital signs unambiguity. Also, Annie Mannequin is a perfect medium for the students to practice an array of invasive nursing procedures. Among of these are nasogastric tube insertion, oxygen administration, oropharyngeal/tracheobronchial suctioning and more! These highly technical terms are quite overwhelming but actually are interesting and exciting! For more information about Annie Mannequin, please visit this site.

This article was written by Jackie Godia, RN IDP – Head Nursing Instructor at Sterling College