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Illume enters into agreement with ILAC Higher Education
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Illume Student Advisory Services enters into agreement with ILAC Higher Education

Illume Student Advisory Services enters into agreement with ILAC Higher Education

Illume Student Advisory Services (Illume) is pleased to announce that that it has entered into an agreement with International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) Higher Education to provide recruitment services in the Middle East and Africa for [email protected] and Sterling College (in partnership with Red Deer College). Illume will provide marketing and recruitment services in these key regions to promote ILAC’s innovative public-private partnerships in Toronto and Vancouver.

“The Illume team is excited to work with ILAC to help students pursue their education in Canada. Both [email protected] and Sterling College offer truly excellent programs delivered in a innovative manner,” said Illume COO Michael Henniger. “I have enjoyed a close business relationship with the ILAC team since 2010 and believe, in terms of international education in Canada, no one does it better. We look forward to using Illume’s strong networks and presence in the Middle East and Africa to educate students about these outstanding programs.”

Based out of ILAC’s boutique-style campus in downtown Toronto, [email protected] offers four unique and attractive programs: Business Diploma, Global Business Management Graduate Certificate, Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate and Project Management Graduate Certificate.

Sterling College, a member of ILAC Higher Education offers three Red Deer College dual credential programs at its downtown Vancouver campus. Students graduating from these programs have the advantage of receiving dual awards from both Red Deer College and Sterling: two-year diplomas in Software Development and Network Administration, as well as a two-year Postgraduate Certificate in Health Care Practice and Management.

“We are excited to work with the Illume team to promote ILAC’s PPP programs in Middle East and Africa,” said Feroz Ali, ILAC President/COO.  “ILAC prides itself on ensuring diversity inside our classrooms and campuses so students can truly have a unique international education experience”.

Learn more about ILAC Higher Education programs at and Illume Student Advisory Services at