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Program Fees - Sterling College
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Program Fees

At Sterling College we work hard to keep the cost of our programs reasonable. Your education is an important investment, so here’s everything you need to know about paying for your education.

Sterling College Programs Domestic Fees International Fees
Diploma in Software Development $16,800 $19,200
Diploma in Software Development with Co-op $19,300 $21,700
Diploma in Network Administration $16,800 $19,200
Diploma in Network Administration with Co-op $19,300 $21,700
Diploma in Business Administration $15,310.00 $18,335.00
Diploma in Business Administration with Co-op $17,810.00 $20,835.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management $15,310.00 $18,335.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management with Co-op $17,810.00 $20,835.00
Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice* $17,905.00 $21,269.00
Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice with Co-op* $19,905.00 $23,269.00

Nursing Programs* Sterling College is committed to helping all Nursing students achieve their individual goals towards a future in Canadian health care. This includes instructor led study sessions, co-op work experience placement providers, and even financial aid for professional fees. Talk to your admissions representative for more information on how you will be supported as a student at Sterling College.

All Programs* An additional college application fee of $100 for domestic students and $300 for international students will be payable at the time of registration. Due to visa processing requirements, students from India will require a $500 application fee.

International Students: There is an additional fee of $525 for health insurance required for all international students.

*Costs include textbooks and student services fees such as graduation, etc.

Student Payments

For more information on payment options, view our Fee Payment Policy

How to Pay with Fly Wire