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Exciting News from Sterling College | Special Announcement
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Exciting news for current and future students of Sterling College!

Lecture and Event Centre Floor Plan

Exciting news for current and future students of Sterling College!

Big News

We are thrilled to announce that our campus facilities are expanding yet again! This time we will be opening a brand-new Lecture and Event Centre, scheduled to be completed in Summer 2019 and located on the first floor at 1125 Melville Street. The expansive new space has high ceilings and large windows with plenty of natural light and is located just a couple floors down and a few steps away from the Vancouver campus at 1111 Melville Street. The centre will include 2 classrooms large enough to accommodate more than 30 students, a meeting room, an open space for events, designated student study areas, a learning commons area, and a 60-person lecture hall!

What is a learning commons area exactly? This area will be a learning-centred environment where students can study, work on individual and group projects, tutoring and presentations. This space will help to enhance the educational experience by creating a space for students to come together in a central location to support learning and research.

Always Improving!

This time last year we were just settling in to our brand new 12,000 square foot campus downtown and just 3 months ago the Surrey campus was undergoing renovations. This latest announcement is yet another example of the exceptional training and learning experience available to all our students at Sterling College, today and for years to come. Are you as excited as we are? Construction on the new Lecture and Event space is currently underway, stay tuned for more updates!