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Make the Most of your College Experience! - Sterling College
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Make the Most of your College Experience!

Make the Most of your College Experience!

Whether you are a returning college student or you are about to enter your very first semester, there are plenty of ways to improve the quality of your educational experience. Here are just a few tips on making the most of your time.

Plan Ahead. If you are prepared right from the get-go, you will be able to avoid that stressful feeling of always having to catch up. Make sure to have your supplies and textbooks ready for day one, check your class schedule, and grab a planner or download an app to take note of when assignments are due and set aside time to study. Be sure to attend your orientation so that you can familiarize yourself with the campus, meet your classmates and learn more about what is to come during the course of your program.

Show up. This seems obvious, but attending class consistently and arriving on time (or early!) is essential to success. While of course it is necessary to show up in order to learn, it also shows instructors that you are mature and committed to the program. Building a good relationship with both your instructors and your classmates will make the experience go more smoothly.

Focus. Avoid distractions while studying. Turn off the TV, and find an environment in which you can actually concentrate on the task at hand. It’s very easy these days to be distracted by texting and social media. Put it all aside and focus on what’s important.

Stay Healthy. Get enough rest, eat nutritious foods, and make sure to stay active, even if it’s just going for the occasional walk. Remember to take time for yourself as well—having some personal time to relax or socialize is beneficial for your overall mental health.

Enjoy. How do you truly make the most of your school year? You enjoy it. You chose this program for a reason, make sure to appreciate the experience!

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