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How a PGCNP Program can Prepare You for the Canadian Healthcare System - Sterling College
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How a PGCNP Program can Prepare You for the Canadian Healthcare System

How a PGCNP Program can Prepare You for the Canadian Healthcare System

If you’re an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN), you know how challenging it can be to translate your nursing qualifications and experience from abroad into the foundation for a career in Canadian healthcare. Luckily, Sterling College has programs designed precisely for this purpose, led by experienced nurses who have successfully undergone the Canadian certification process themselves. Keep reading to find out exactly how good nursing programs can help you get your career back on track in the Canadian healthcare system!

The PGCNP Program is a Path to Canadian Qualifications

Despite your qualifications and experience, by this point you’ve likely found that studying in Canada is necessary in order to continue your work in Canada. Sterling College’s Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (PGCNP) is the perfect path if you want to practice as a nurse in Canada. The course offers guidance through the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN), and ensures that students are well-prepared for the examinations required for Canadian RN certification. In fact, under instructor Jackie Godia’s expert guidance, every student that has taken the National Exam has passed on their first attempt.

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Sterling College will help you get the qualifications you need to do the nursing work you love

Access Career Guidance to Help You Navigate the Canadian Job Market

The staff members at Sterling College are experienced in guiding IENs through the process of how to become a registered nurse in Canada. A major aspect of this process comes after qualifications are achieved: finding a job! The nursing program includes content on Professional Practice and Professional Communication, both of which can be extremely helpful when you present yourself to potential employers and can help you gain more insight into the professional components of the Canadian healthcare system. Further, good registered nurse colleges offer all students and alumni career assistance. Sterling College provides this assistance through its Career Hunter’s service, where hundreds of jobs that align with students’ qualifications are listed.

Sterling College Offers Co-Op Opportunities that Build Experience

When you pursue a PGCNP program which offer co-op placements, you will gain the confidence and experience you need to succeed in the Canadian healthcare system. For instance, Sterling College offers an option of 81 weeks of instruction, 36 of which are comprised by guaranteed, paid co-op placements in a real Canadian medical setting. These placements provide invaluable experience that makes you attractive to employers and ensures that you are equipped with first-hand knowledge of how the Canadian healthcare system functions in day-to-day practice. With co-op experience under your belt, you can embark on the Canadian phase of your nursing career prepared with newfound insight and confidence!

Gain real work experience in a Canadian hospital setting, facility, or homecare setting through Sterling College’s co-op program

Are you interested in becoming a nurse in Canada?

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