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Sterling College - Business Management Postgraduate Diploma
Take your business skills to the next level with the Sterling College Management Postgraduate Certificate. Specialize in Retail Management, Project Management or Procurement.
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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Program Overview –

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

*Program has been approved for delivery by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB).

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management program prepares students for management careers with specializations in professional retail management, project management, or procurement. Graduates will have what it takes to become professional business managers with the technical and decision-making skills necessary for success. They will be positioned to enter careers such as retail business managers, retail marketing managers, project managers, retail consultants or retail sales managers.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management program is also offered with a Co-op component, offering students the option of completing 960 hours of paid work experience.


In quarter one, all students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management program will take courses in Financial Management and Management Perspectives, for a total of 240 hours.

BUS701 Financial Management

Students develop an understanding of how organizations effectively manage their operating and fixed assets and fund them with an optimal mix of debt and equity financing.

BUS702 Management Perspectives

Students are introduced to the art and science of management. They will learn the principal skills and activities of management and the challenges which face managers in the contemporary context.

Business Management

In quarter two, all students in the Business Management Postgraduate Diploma program will take courses in Operations Management and Marketing, for a total of 240 hours.

BUS703 Operations Management

The management of operations entails making decisions on a range of matters both wide and deep—including strategy, process management, quality, likely demand, capacity, location, layout, inventory, supply chain management, job design and maintenance management. Students examine the broad areas and principles of operations management and learn how they must link together to achieve the operations objectives of the organization as a whole.

BUS704 Marketing

Marketing is a way of thinking and an approach to business that is based on the organization’s attempt to meet its customers’ needs as best it can and to simultaneously create value for the organization and for the customer. Students will receive an overview of the theory and practice of marketing. They will focus on the management of the marketing function and the tasks of marketing strategy development and planning.

Marketing photos

In quarter 3 and 4 students will choose their concentration courses in one of three areas: Retail Management, Project Management, or Procurement.


BUS711 Retail Research

Students will focus on the gathering, analysis and interpretation of marketing information in a retail context. Topics include research purpose and design, procedures, data collection, analysis, and reporting. An applied examination of research methodology of mystery shopping is also made on the basis of its value to managerial decision making.

BUS712 Professional Retail Selling

Students will examine the importance and practice of customer relationship development in a contemporary retail environment. The sales function is examined in the context of a modern service-based organization with retail sales principles and processes studied in an interactive and dynamic manner.

BUS713 Strategic Retail Management

Students will investigate the marketing and retail mix strategies and tactics available to the manager in a dynamic and challenging retail environment. Examination of a number of key areas will be made including; retailing strategy; merchandise, store, brand, and customer relationship management; and the importance of the internet and electronic technologies. Attention will be given not only to understanding and appreciation of these areas at a strategic level, but focus will also be given to practical application of the same through tools such as 3D visual merchandising software.

BUS714 Retail Leadership

Students will focus on the roles and skills of leaders in retail business contexts. As they progress through the topics students will build upon the core leadership principles and theories to provide themselves with a ‘big picture’ perspective of leadership.


BUS705 Project Management

Students are introduced to the concepts of project management. They will develop their knowledge and confidence to apply a range of project management tools and techniques. The focus is on the practical, ‘hands-on’ tools and techniques needed to manage a project on a day-to-day basis.

BUS706 Strategic Management

Although the chief strategist in any organization should be the CEO, the more senior other managers become, the more they need to be able to take a strategic perspective of their divisions and appreciate the impact of what they do on the operations of the organization as a whole. Students will build upon previous knowledge to develop their understanding of the theory and principles of strategic management and enhance their ability to practice “strategic thinking.”

BUS707 Economic Decision Making

Students are introduced to economic concepts, theories and decision-making applications for managers. The approach used is a practical problem-solving treatment of economic theory and analysis, which is extensively supplemented by descriptive and diagrammatical presentation. This is necessary for practical application. On completion, students will be expected to understand and apply the concepts and techniques presented to a variety of decision-making applications.

BUS708 Business Project

Students research and report on a project management topic of their choice.


BUS751 An Advanced Framework for Procurement and Supply

Effective procurement and supply chain management is critical to an organization’s success. Understanding the full scope of procurement and supply in the contemporary context allows managers to increase the effectiveness of their decision-making and strategic planning. Students will gain an understanding of the modern supply chains in which organizations operate and learn to offer advice and guidance to main stakeholders on the application of the sourcing process.

BUS752 Specialist Business Needs in Procurement and Supply

Students will understand practices that help achieve value for money solutions in procurement. They will explore a variety of elements that underpin the development of criteria and also considers the options that should be explored when procurement and supply personnel are involved in defining requirements.

BUS753 Strategic Sourcing in Procurement and Supply

Strategic sourcing formalizes the way information is gathered and utilized so that an organization can leverage its purchasing power to find the best possible values in the marketplace. It is a well-planned ongoing process of proactive actions, where procurement takes a leading role in satisfying business needs and adding value to the organization. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary theory and practice in strategic sourcing and produce strategic sourcing plans for a variety of circumstances.

BUS754 Specialist Negotiating and Contracting

Negotiating is often a finely balanced activity which also involves managing a range of complex relationships, and students should be prepared to manage those relationships effectively, avoiding conflict while maintaining the balance of power. Students will apply a variety of theories relating to negotiation in respect of preparation, planning and participating in the negotiation process. Students will also develop an understanding of the legal and commercial issues of contractual arrangements entered into between organizations.

Students working together



    • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management – 960 hours of instruction
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management with co-op – 960 hours of instruction + 960 hours work experience




All students are required to meet the following admissions requirements:

• Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada or an equivalent credential from an approved institution of another jurisdiction; or
• Have five or more years work experience in business administration, management, retail management, procurement, purchasing or a related field;
• If English is not the first language, students are requested to have one of the following to qualify for enrolment to this program:
• IELTS score of 6.0 (with no band less than 5.5) or an equivalent English language benchmark verified by the institution
• TOEFL score CBT 213, IBT 80 an equivalent English language benchmark verified by the institution
• Sterling College English Assessment (written onsite) with a score of 70%
• Sterling College online English assessment with a score of 75% (examination proctor is required).

For domestic students, Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status is required. International students are also required to have sufficient accident and medical insurance coverage to cover any injuries.

For domestic students, Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status is required. International students are required to possess a valid study visa, for programs longer than 6 months and prior to the program start date. International students are also required to have sufficient accident and medical insurance coverage to cover any injuries or illnesses that may occur during the educational term.

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