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Start your Post-Secondary Education in College
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Start Your Post-Secondary Education at College

Start Your Post-Secondary Education at College

Moving on from high school to university is a huge leap, so attending a college before transferring into a bachelor program can be a great stepping stone. Here are our top 3 reasons why starting your post-secondary education in college is a great idea.

Easy to Meet New People

Colleges usually offer smaller class sizes and often, a smaller campus overall. This makes it a little easier to form new friendships and make connections.

Supportive Environment

College is a great place to start after high school for people who feel they would benefit from a little extra support. Because of the smaller class sizes, instructors can offer more individualized attention. It’s a great environment for building confidence and progressively adjusting to the workload that will be expected once you are working on your degree.

Great for International students

The ability to connect with people in a nurturing post-secondary environment is especially important for international students, who may be completely new to Canada. Attending a college where you can receive more one-on-one attention is especially valuable when English is your second language. Use your time in college to get used to using English in an academic environment so that when you are ready to transfer into a bachelor program, you can be more confident.

Transferring credits between programs can sometimes be difficult, but with our direct and established pathway to Yorkville and the guidance of your advisor, your path is set! Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Business Administration at Sterling College, qualified students will have the option to transfer into the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Yorkville University. Learn more about this transfer agreement by clicking here.

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