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3 Reasons You Should Attend an Information Session - Sterling College
Why attend an information session when you can just look your program up online? There are many reasons! An information session is really the best way to help you decide if a college is right for you because you are given individual attention and is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the campus and instructors.
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3 Reasons You Should Attend an Information Session

3 Reasons You Should Attend an Information Session

Have you ever wondered why you would bother to go to a college information session when you could just visit the website? Well, we have a few really great reasons! Read on to discover why an information is the best way to help you decide if a college is right for you.

You can have personal interactions.

Yes, you can go online and read about programs and Google facts about the industry, but nothing beats being able to speak to an expert in person. Staff members will have their own career experiences that they can share with you, so that you can get to know the challenges and opportunities within the profession. Knowing the challenges and opportunities right from the get-go means you will be fully prepared. This meeting will also give the faculty a chance to get to know you—your personality, interests and background. Knowing you better means they can better guide you on what your career possibilities might best suit you.

You can familiarize yourself with the campus and the people.

It can be nerve-wracking to enter a new college environment with people you have never met before. An open house is a relaxed, casual way to meet the people you will potentially be spending a lot of time with should you attend the school. It also gives you an opportunity to figure out your transportation options to and from the campus and get a feel for the campus itself—such as the location of classrooms, washrooms, cafeteria and so on. All of these factors will add to your level of comfort when you begin your studies.

You can ask questions that apply to YOU.

Many people have questions that are specific to their situations, whether they be related to financial issues, upcoming trips that may interfere with schooling, or credits from previous educational institutions. These topics are most efficiently dealt with in person, as opposed to back and forth via email. Questions are more than welcome during an open house, in a group setting or one-on-one if you prefer.

Bonus Tips:

  • Do a little bit of research before you attend and have some questions prepared. That way you can leave feeling like you got the most out of your visit.
  • Pre-register. Popular sessions can fill up fast, and registering lets the college know how many people will be attending so they can prepare appropriately for the event. Plus, signing up for an open house will ensure you are provided with any extra information you may need as the day approaches.

We have an information session coming up at Sterling College in Vancouver on Wednesday, March 21st! As a bonus, we are also offering a free Creative Technology demo class at the session, with instructor Will Maher. Don’t miss out! Register for our upcoming information session at